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Connecting To Your OpenVPN

By Jordan Troop

on Thu Feb 11 2021

Is there a snow storm that trapped you in your house forcing you to stay home and work from there?

Did you just brew your coffee and sit down at your desk/dinner table all ready to start working and when you try to open your programs you need they won’t work?

You might want to check that your VPN is turned on. Many apps are locked to only work when you’re “at” your office.

VPNs basically spoof your location to tell your programs that you are indeed “Sitting at my desk at work” and not “Sitting at my dinning room table in my PJs”.

Here’s a quick How-To to make sure you’re connected and ready to work from any location!


  1. In your lower left search bar, type in OpenVPN and click so it launches. (unlike most programs, it won’t actually launch a window, it runs in your taskbar).
  2. Click on your taskbar arrow to show all hidden icons (only if it’s not showing automatically in your taskbar)
  3. Right click on the icon that looks like a monitor with a lock on it and click “Connect”. Sometimes there might be a option to pick the connection, always choose the connection with 1205 in it.
  4. You’ll see a little window pop up with random text appearing, This is good! it will eventually disappear.
  5. To make sure you’re connected, go back to the icon and the monitor part should be green which means you are now connected.
  6. Always remember to disconnect once your work is done!


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